Descendants of Christian 


Generation No 1

Husband: Christian(1) Bauer/Bowers

Wife: Maria Elizabeth Schindeldecker


Christian(2) Bowers


Generation No 2

Husband: Christian(2) Bowers

Wife: Elizabeth Andes


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Jonas(3) Bowers

Regina Bowers

Phebe Bowers

Lydia Bowers

Joel Bowers

Mary Bowers

John Bowers

Elizabeth Bowers

Christian Bowers


Generation No 3

Husband: Jonas(3) Bowers

Wife: Elizabeth Betsy Rader


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Lewis(4) Bowers

Henry Bowers

Samuel Bowers

William Bowers

Christian Bowers

Catherine Bowers

Elizabeth Bowers

Caroline Bowers

Martha Bowers

John A. Bowers


Generation No 4

Husband: Lewis(4) Bowers

Wife: Barbara A. Cobble


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Andrew Jackson(5) Bowers

Sarah Bowers

Rebecca J. Bowers

Margaret (Mattie) Bowers

Mary (Mollie) Bowers

Thomas J. Bowers

Christopher Columbus Bowers

Fay Irene Bowers

Lillie A. Bowers


Generation No 5

Husband: Andrew Jackson(5) Bowers

Wife: Susan Brooks



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William Lewis(6) Bowers

Lula L. Bowers

Sally Narcissus Bowers

Nora Irene Bowers

Andrew Lawrence Bowers


Generation No 6

Husband: William Lewis(6) Bowers

1st-Wife: Pearl Elizabeth Luster

2nd-Wife: Ollie Mae Matthews

1st  Wife Children:

Walter Lewis Bowers

Roy Andrew Bowers

Carl Jonnie Bowers

Robert Eugene Bowers

William Dial Bowers

2nd Wife Children:

Fred Thomas Bowers

Harry Jackson Bowers

James Lawrence Bowers

Edith Mae Bowers

Lee Neil Bowers

Glenn Edward Bowers


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