Christian(1) Bauer/Bowers






Born in: Germany Birth Date: About 1720
Died in: Shenandoah Co., VA. Death Date: About 1816


Comments: He married about 1767, in Frederick Co., Maryland He is believed to be buried in Forestville, VA. Section III, Solomon's Church Cemetery next to his wife Maria Elizabeth Schindeldecker who died March 15, 1815.

Family tradition says that Christian Bauer/Bowers was a Revolutionary War soldier, in PA. (I have not tried to get his Rev. War pension file, yet, or see if the National Archives can find it) Lots of Bowers in the Rev. War! Bauer is a common name in Germany! Immigrants changed name to Bower, Bowers, and believe you me it is like researching the name Jones, Smith, Johnson, etc!

Family tradition also says that Christian Bauer/Bowers received a land grant from Lord Fairfax in Virginia. (although this might have been a Bounty Land Warrant given to him for his service in the Rev. War, I have not had time to research this) In any event, Christian Bauer/Bowers and his family moved to the Shenandoah Valley, and were found in the counties of Shenandoah, and Rockingham, VA.


Wife Name: Maria Elizabeth Schindeldecker

Christian(2) Bowers

John Bowers

Elizabeth Bowers (Married John Rubfreit)

Catherine Bowers (Married Adam Zerkel)

Margaret Bowers (Married Natheniel Zeveher)

Mary Barbara Bowers (Married Peter Fernler)

Ann Mary Bowers (Married Peter Scrwind)


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His Mom:

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