Elizabeth Andes







Born in: VA Birth Date: July 5, 1775
Died in:  Unknown Death Date: Unknown


Comments: Married Nov. 26, 1795 in Rockingham Co., VA

What I think is so interesting, is that I also have so much more, from the families that the Bowers married into, such as Christian Bowers, Jr. (the son of Christian Bauer/Bowers) married a gal by the name of Elizabeth Andes, born 5 July, 1775 in VA. She was the daughter of Andrew Andes/Antes and Barbara Baer. Barbara Baer was the daughter of Johannes (John) Baer and Catherine Miller.  Catherine Miller was the daughter of Adam Mueller /Miller and Barbara Koger. NOW if you followed this, Adam Miller was pratically the first person to settle the Shenandoah Valley area in Virginia. Adam Miller.

Anyway, Adam Miller is even mentioned in books. "....The first Palantine to make his way into the Great Valley of Virginia was Adam Muller who settled on Hawkswill Creek in 1727....."  Adam Muller was born 17 Nov 1703 in Shresoin Germany, and he died July 1783, probably there where he settled near Rockingham County, VA.


Husband's Name:  Christian(2) Bowers

Jonas(3) Bowers

Regina Bowers

Phebe Bowers

Lydia Bowers

Joel Bowers

Mary Bowers

John Bowers

Elizabeth Bowers

Christian Bowers


Her Dad:

Her Mom:

Andrew Andes Barbara Baer



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