Thomas J. Bowers






Born in: Birth Date: About 1861

Died in: Brownfield, Terry Co., Texas

Death Date:11-3-1947


Comments: This information was from the Arkansas History Commission about T. J. Bowers and the newspaper he owned in Searcy, Arkansas. The name of the paper was the "Searcy News". 

March 21, 2000

Dear Mrs. Kever 

Enclosed are copies of references to T.J. Bowers in "Allsopp's History of Arkansas", Volume II. You may already seen these references.

We have issues of "Searcy News" from May 1928 to March 1929, and a few scattering issues as early 1911 and 1908. We apparently do not have a photograph of T.J. Bowers.

Very truly yours,
John L. Ferguson

History of the Arkansas press for a hundred years and more by Fred W. Allsopp, Parke-Harper publishing company, Little Rock, Arkansas 1922.Kensett: The American , at Kensett, was started in 1915 by L.F. Maynard. T.M. Woods and "T.J. Bowers" were its publishers at different times. Searcy: The Searcy News was started in 1908 by W.F. Story, a pioneer in the business, now dead.  He was succeeded by W.F. Story and Sons. "T.J. Bowers" sold it to W.M. Holmes and J.C. Hartz, who turned it back to "Mr. Bowers"  The news started a daily edition in 1909, but discontinued it. "T.J. Bowers" is now it publisher.

So we know that T.J. Bowers was in Kensett somewhere around 1915 and we know he was in Searcy in 1918 (from his bio.) because that is when he bought the "Searcy News".


Wife Name: Aquilla (Quilla) Crow (died 8-12-1927 in White County AR.


NO Children


His Dad:

His Mom:

Lewis(4) Bowers Barbara A. Cobble



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